“It’s FUN to be FIT”- – WHY?


You know what I say,

“It’s FUN to be FIT.”

Well, WHY do I say that?

Photo by Charity Kay

Most of us, when we are small children, are quite physically active.  Running, jumping, biking, skating, balancing, tumbling, swinging, climbing, and swimming were common activities.  As we got older we may have added to these activities by participating in organized sports and/or performing chores around the house like lawn mowing, cleaning, laundry, walk the dog, wash the car and so on.  (Those sound FUN for sure. ha!)  It was easy to do all of these activities.  Perhaps you didn’t consciously acknowledge the feeling of freedom and limitlessness you had at the time, but if you were physically fit, you were living with it.  Can you recall those times of playing, competing, moving with strength and energy and no pain?  It felt good, right?  FUN!

Time marches on.  We experience life and that will most likely include injury, illness, weight gain, strength loss, lack of purposeful movement and some unhealthy eating habits.  How does this feel?  Previously, we didn’t give going up a flight of stairs a thought and now we find ourselves winded or even avoiding them.  Previously, we grabbed anything from the closet to wear and now we look for what won’t pinch or pull.  We avoid low seated furniture because getting up and out of it is embarrassingly difficult.  We say no to our child when invited to play catch because we are afraid we might pull a muscle (though we are pretty sure we still HAVE a muscle).   The list goes on.  Again, perhaps you aren’t consciously acknowledging the feeling of boundaries and limits by not being fit, but you are living with it.

My definition of FIT does not mean Olympic athlete, power lifter, super competitor, or bodybuilder.  It is having the strength, balance, flexibility, energy, and confidence to perform in daily life and participate in whatever you choose.

To have that feeling of freedom and limitlessness is where I want YOU to be.

THAT is why I say “It’s FUN to be FIT!”

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