It was like being sucker punched.

I want to cry! 

Who gave the MIGHTY Scale this power?

I was feeling so good until I stepped on that scale and saw the number.

It was like being sucker punched.  But WHY?

As I try to reason it out, I can see that all the things that really matter fall on the positive side of the argument.

  • My body moves me through my days relatively pain free with good fluidity and strength.
  • It gives me the freedom to participate in a great variety of activities.
  • It’s a healthy body with no major disease.
  • I’m happy with how it looks.
  • My clothes fit or may even be a little loose.
  • I felt comfortable and confident.

So WHY does the number on the scale scream to me that I am TOO big, TOO heavy, and TOO fat which obviously means that I am unattractive and unacceptable.

In that split second, my spirit is crushed.  The confidence gone.

It’s been 24 hours since I dared step on that scale.  24 hours of feeling sad, depressed, and confused as to why I can’t reason myself out of feeling this way.

Who gave the scale that much power?

And then it hits me.  I DID! 

A lifetime of messages from the media, our culture, that chart from the insurance company, a look, a reaction, an omission that all say that number on the scale is not acceptable . . . . . .  to  THEM! 

And I don’t have to buy into it.

My spirit lifted as I realized this.

Reacting to the number on the scale is controllable and I get to choose.  YOU get to choose.

It is just one simple little tool used to measure ONE aspect of our being.  

We are so much more than our weight.

How do you gauge satisfaction with your body?

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