Cathy’s Fitness Journey

My VISION is people feeling awesome in their body, getting off or avoiding medications, preventing surgeries, maintaining or acquiring the ability to live actively and with purpose, being financially secure, confident, energized, blessed and realizing: 

“It’s FUN to be FIT!”


Part 1 - Typical Youth

Like so many, I was an active kid that ran, jumped, rode bike and played without a care in the world.  As I moved through school, I competed in sports and enjoyed lots of outdoor recreation. I loved being active so much, that I studied and got a degree in Health and Fitness and went to work in that industry.  It was here that I met my husband and soon after was able to quit work. Though I stayed active, I often times was not intentional about keeping fit. This is easy to do as youth affords us the ability to remain functional in all of our daily tasks without feeling limited or uncomfortable, we don’t prioritize our fitness.

Kay kids on scooters
DVD art/picture

Part 2 -The Dusty DVD

I was not oblivious to my gradually fading fitness level and at one point ordered a workout DVD from some infomercial.  Well, I found out that just owning this thing, did not change my fitness one bit. It was collecting dust, untouched for several years.  I am sure you are appalled and cannot relate at all. Finally, I committed to doing this program at the end of my busy summer season.

Part 3 - A Shocking Rock Bottom

It was October when a nagging little condition had apparently progressed because suddenly I could not lift my right leg and over the counter pain meds weren’t doing the trick anymore with pain management.  A visit to the Dr. got me some prescription pain meds and also left me with a diagnosis of tendonitis and word that it could last a long time - months to a year. Ugh! My plan to finally use that DVD was out the window.

Over the course of the next 15 months, I tried every non-surgical treatment on the planet, I swear, to ease the pain and regain my strength and mobility.  The Doc said this could last a year and I am no wimp, so I persevered. Nothing helped more than a bit of very temporary relief. The scales tipped to having more bad days than good on the pain and no energy scale.

As the pain intensified, my body continued to compensate.  This was the state of my life:

  • Constant pain
  • Can’t roll over
  • Can’t stand by leg strength alone.
  • Need to push/pull with arms
  • Constant Pain
  • Can’t sleep without at least 5 pillows to prop everything just right
  • Not getting restful sleep because of that
  • Would need to nap after being up for only 2 hours
  • Constant Pain
  • Digestive issues because of pain meds and inactivity
  • Walk in a very stilted manner and every step is pain filled
  • Stairs are painful but I could manage with aid of my arms
  • Constant Pain
  • Range of motion continues to deteriorate
  • Can’t reach my feet to put on my own socks and shoes
  • Practically became a shut in because I couldn’t comfortably participate in my normal activities or didn’t have the energy.
  • Mentally and Emotionally exhausted
  • Did I mention Constant PAIN?

ROCK BOTTOM!  It was December when I hit Rock bottom.  I’d had it. The pain. The limits. The mental exhaustion from trying to stay upbeat and optimistic. The loss of independence.  The loss of a quality LIFE!

While visiting out of state family for the holidays, I decided to see a Dr. when I returned home.   In the meantime, I sought treatment from a local chiropractor. He took some X-rays that proved SHOCKING.  Not one, but BOTH of my hips, were bone on bone. By August, I had both hips fully replaced.

BW me thoughtful on weight bench
BW me w/Steve pre-hips
BW me sitting post workout
BW me cat stretch
me b&w faded stretching
BW me thumbs up

Part 4 - Rehab, Fitness, and Freedom


Any of you that have been through rehab of any sort, know that it is NO Joke!  When I was a competitive athlete, I trained and worked out to improve performance.  It was HARD, and yet, nothing compared to rehab.

My rehab was not just about regaining strength, but retraining neural pathways to get muscles to even fire.  They needed to wake up and do their job so I could retrain the muscles that had been compensating to get back to doing their correct job. My body was confused, dysfunctional, and weak.

Of course, this whole rehab process took much longer than desired and 2 years in I was mentally exhausted.  While checking in on a social media site that gave me motivation, I found an invitation to join an accountability group.  PERFECT!!! This was just what I needed as I was so tired of doing this all on my own. OMG - what a difference.


Being a part of this online fitness community has been the ticket for staying motivated, inspired and plugged into fitness daily.  With over 3,000 workouts available, I have been able to find just the right program for each progression of my journey.

My muscles are firing and doing their proper jobs.  I am strong again. Flexibility has returned. And, did I mention, the pain is GONE.


With strength, range of motion, mental and physical energy, and no pain, comes Freedom, Independence, Restfulness, and Uninhibited Joy!

I am no longer physically, mentally, and emotionally limited and have been able to return to participating in life rather than sitting on the sidelines.

The perspective gained on this journey is what has given me the vision shared above.  As we age, there will be some natural degeneration and we need to care for our body accordingly, but this does NOT mean sitting on the sidelines.  From the depths of my heart, I encourage you to be your fittest self and enjoy the Freedoms that affords.


Ready to start YOUR Fitness Journey?